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Get cash for used stuff in Ogden, UT!

by Meagan Chapman |

Eco Flower is an alternative flower company that specializes in bouquets made out of wood and recycled materials to create bouquets that last forever.  We love to make flowers out of the following items and we prefer to buy them used from the public vs. new from the store.     Recycling days are every Friday at...

Holiday Gift Guide

by Meagan Chapman |

We have pulled together a perfectly Utah Local gift guide, with all sorts of amazing Utah companies to help you shop local.    1.  Starting off our gift guide is Daily Rise Coffee - The Daily Rise has been a continually changing and evolving company since it initially opened...

Flowers, flowers, who has my flowers?

by Meagan Chapman |

"Pre Wedding Prep by Jasalynn: Flowers, flowers, who has my flowers? #Ecoflower does!! I am planning my wedding and have been in search for some unique, beautiful flowers that will last far past my wedding. I realized that Utah was home to the flowers I had been eyeing online for the longest time. It's called Eco...

Eco Flower Gives Back!

by Meagan Chapman |

At Eco Flower, we’re about more than making pretty things. We also believe in making a difference. Our new Giving Back program is committed to giving back to charities and to the people who can most benefit from their services. Charities chosen by us, and YOU. 100% of the profit is donated to each program.  Each...

Trying out for Shark Tank Eco Flower style.

by Meagan Chapman |

There I was, crying on the phone to my Dad.  I had just blown through two marriages and claimed bankruptcy due to a bad business dealing and a home damaged in a natural disaster, not covered by insurance.  For the first time in my life, I found myself a single mother, on food stamps, and the state was paying for...

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