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A Sola Wood Sensation

Eco Flower is very excited to announce that we recently turned the front of our warehouse into a retail store! Locals to Ogden Utah can now stop by our store to see what amazing eco-friendly flowers we offer, sola wood flowers, birch wood flowers, denim flowers, paper flowers, book page flowers, music sheet flowers, burlap flowers, ect. We have everything from sola wood flowers to paper flowers overflowing our bins! 

Anytime a customer comes into our warehouse they are now greeted with a warm, comfortable environment where they can browse all the different wood flowers and eco-friendly flowers we offer. They can also see how we dye our sola wood flowers, and how we build our wood flower bouquets. The first step in building your own bouquet is to pick the size you want, we offer small (12 flowers), medium (20 flowers), and large (30 flowers). Next step is to pick exactly what flowers you want in your bouquet, we always suggest sola wood flowers and birch wood flowers, and then an accent of whatever floats your boat; burlap, paper, book paper, music sheets, pinecones, recycled cardboard. The possibilities are endless! Once you've picked your flowers one of our experienced floral designers puts it together and scents it however you like. 


We are so excited about this, because we have so much fun with every single person who comes in, we love our customers! And they love coming in!