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What Are Our Flowers Made From?

Eco Flower was created on the idea of sustainability. We believe it’s our duty as a company to assure that we’re taking care of this beautiful home we call Earth. This is why every Eco Flower product is created with sustainable, upcycled or eco-friendly materials.

Some examples of what our products are made of:

Sola Wood:
Sola Wood is made from tapioca plant. 

The History: Tapioca plant is native to the North Region of Brazil, but it has spread throughout the South American continent. The plant was carried by Portuguese and Spanish explorers to most of the West Indies, Africa, Asia, Philippines and Taiwan. It truly has spread worldwide.

Cassava (tapioca plant) can grow in areas that receive a very minimal amount of water. Cassava is harvested by cutting the green tops every couple of months. After each pruning, the remaining stems will grow again and again, producing more crop every couple of months. This is the process that makes tapioca plant a very sustainable material.

You can also view some our favorite sola wood bouquets here:

Our birchwood flowers are handmade from recycled pallet wood. Every year, roughly 500 million new pallets are manufactured in the United States. Roughly 50% of all wooden pallets are designed to just make one trip. We turn these pallets that would otherwise be thrown away, into beautiful flowers that lasts a lifetime.

You can also view some of our favorite birchwood bouquets:



Recycled Book Pages:
We turn old, recycled books into beautiful book page flowers that provide a wonderful accent to your bouquet, or home decor item.

You can also view some of our favorite book page bouquets:


Recycled Jeans: Our denim jeans are made from old, recycled jeans. They’re a unique flower that really screams upcycling.

You can also view some denim flowers here:

Our stems are made of 100% bamboo. Bamboo can grow up to three feet a day in the wild, making it an incredibly sustainable resource.