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Entrepreneurship and Marriage

by Alex Ledoux |

When you're an entrepreneur, a weekend date to the local state park isn't your typical sight seeing adventure.

"Oooh look!  That spot would make a great photograph for our latest product."  

"Sir, can you take a photo of my husband and I holding this sign for our website?  I know you're doing us a favor, but can you make sure that the photo is taken at a good angle, with good lighting, while using professional photography etiquette?"  Lol!  

To make a long story short, my husband Wes and I had so much fun taking photos for our new product called "State of Love".  It's a wood board with two states that is great for lovers who are separated by state or couples who were born in different states.  We top it off with a small wood flower placed above your home city.  It makes a great gift that will make a beautiful home decor piece in a home created by two people who found each other across state lines.  

Here are a few of the photos we took while visiting Antelope Island in Northern Utah.  

To buy this product, visit Eco Flower.

Meagan Bowman Wesley Bowman Eco Flower