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Wood Flower Candle Holder - DIY tutorial provided by Eco Flower

Hey everyone!

We are going to start doing a new craft kit each week that you can do at home or buy on our website. Wood flowers are so much more than a creative sentiment, they make wonderful additions to your home decor projects.

This week, we are diving into an easy to do wood flower candle holder.  For this project you will need:

- Wood Block (Any size will work.  For this tutorial we are using a block measuring 6.5X3.5X3.5.

-Tea light candle

-40 sola wood flowers.

-Hot glue gun and glue stick

sola flower candle holder

Three easy steps:

Step One:

Using a 1.5 inch router bit, drill into wood block 3/4 inch.

If you purchase this kit on or website, the hold is pre-drilled for you.


Step Two:

Hot glue each flower to cover wood block.  Be sure to leave top exposed to prevent an accidental fire.  By using two different sized flowers, you can create a natural looking arrangement.  Place flowers tightly together in a random pattern.


Step Three: 

Place tea light candle inside your new wood flower candle stick, light with a book of matches from your favorite casino, wrap up in a blanket, and push play on that remote.  Enjoy!


This item is sold as a craft kit on our website for $29.99.  It includes pre-drilled wood block, 3 tea light candles, and 40 sola wood flowers in a natural off white color (shown).  Purchase it here