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Autumn Decor: Make Your Home a Fall Fantasyland

Three ideas that will transform your seasonal decor from plain-Jane orange to fall fabulous

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Nope, we’re not talking about snow and parkas and Christmas decorations. We’re talking about fall.

That’s right. Smell the pumpkin pie. Feel the morning air making your cheeks pink. Savor those lingering warm afternoon temperatures that make you forget why you brought a jacket to work.

The only thing that could make fall better is if you could bundle it up and bring it into your home, and we’re here to show you three ways you can do just that!

Fall Wall

Spend two seconds on Pinterest, and you’ll know lettering is on everyone’s mind. Posters, hand-painted signs, neatly printed quotations: lettered art pieces add some oomph to your wall by sharing not just your style but also words that mean something to you.

We love the idea of displaying this Some Gave All pallet wood sign as part of your fall decor. Because it mentions giving, and Thanksgiving is coming up … get it? OK, we know we’re not that clever, but you get the idea. The blue lettering may be untraditional for fall, but the soft lace and stained wood fit into the autumn aesthetic nicely.


Or, for a more spicy take, give Halloween (and pumpkin spiced lattes) some love with this Basic Witch framed wood sign featuring a silhouette of a minimalist cup of coffee. Surrounding the cup, orange sola wood flowers literally pop out of the poster to make adorable pumpkins worthy of Cinderella.



It may be getting colder, but we don’t have to abandon our flowers!

We love the unique take on autumn this stunning bouquet shows us. When we think of fall decor, we expect oranges and browns and rustic reds. But this bouquet spins the color wheel around, giving us a rich shade of plum and the very palest lavender, with just hits of the classic fall orange. Your friends will be none the wiser that you’re secretly continuing your fall obsession all year long.

 What about bouquets that don’t contain a subtle hint to autumn colors? No matter the color palette, you can dress up your flowers to fit right into this rustic, cozy season.

For a spin on the traditional door wreath, try placing loose flowers in a small burlap bag and hanging that on your front door. Be sure the bag doesn’t overwhelm the flowers: you want the bag to appear as full as it can be. The rough texture and soft brown of the bag will add that hint of autumn you’re looking for. Plus, if you don’t want your decor to be too obviously themed, you can use a bouquet featuring colors out of the expected oranges and browns. The soft hues in this Sunday Brunch bouquet would be a great, subtle tribute to autumn.

(Photo courtesy of CloverHollowDesigns.)

Cozy Crafts

Since the most anticipated meal of the year is on its way, why not turn your designer’s eye to your dining table? We love centerpieces that feature cozy arrangements of fall-themed items, like this Autumn Woods Centerpiece.


But if you’re feeling crafty, make your own! Gather items that make you think of fall: pumpkins, wheat, grapes, corn, autumn leaves, sheets of burlap, pine cones and of course your Eco Flowers! Place the items as neatly or as haphazardly as you like in a wooden flower box to give you that rustic fall feeling. For a romantic touch, intersperse the items with candles in tall glass candleholders. The warm glow from the candles will put your centerpiece over the edge.

If you’re not feeling too crafty, you can evoke fall like that by adding just a few touches to a centerpiece you already have. For example, this Mini Banana Nut Loaf Centerpiece doesn’t have a particular theme (besides delicious banana desserts), but it could be dressed up so easily. Wrap the box in burlap, tie some twine around it, and add some pinecones. Boom. Fall-ified centerpiece.

We hope you’re excited for the most pumpkin-filled time of the year as we are! Bring fall inside your home by sprucing up existing flowers and decor and even creating new pieces. The lovely autumny colors and cozy textures will make your home a fall fantasyland.