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Country Chic Wedding with a Side of DIY


We are now officially Les and Anna Terwilliger. 

A couple of years ago we were both working in a local mall and Les used to walk by my store everyday. I thought he was SO cute. I told one of the girls I worked with, who ended up being his friend, we made her play messenger for a couple of days until we grew up the courage talk in person. We sat on the side walk for hours, talking. I fell asleep watching movies at his apartment and we haven't really been apart since.

We got married at the 5 acre farm I grew up on here in Olympia, WA. My mom passed away just before Les and I started dating in 2014, she had cancer. It was really hard when we decided to get married, not having her around so Les and I decided to get married at the place where people felt her presence the strongest, the farm my parents had built together. If we had a theme, it'd be country chic. We embraced the outdoor beauty of my dad's house, lots of lace and mason jars, the burlap wrapping on the flowers went perfectly with it!

Image by Stacey McRae

Our colors were navy blue, grey and dusty pink, so the flowers went perfectly with everything else. I order a large bouquet for myself and a smaller one for my maid of honor. To create the look I made for my bouquet, I green wrapped the wood sticks the flowers were on and added some small leaves and artificial white flowers to make them look a little more natural. I planned on wrapped my maid of honor's bouquet too, but it was a bit more work than I thought it would be. You lady's do some hard work! Altogether I ordered 2 bouquets and a large bag of loose navy, pink and grey flowers. I used the loose flowers for my cake topper, I hot glued them onto a base, it looked like a huge dome of flowers, the perfect volume for what I wanted.

Image by Stacey McRae

Writer: The beautiful bride. Thank you for sharing your special day with us Anna!

Images: Stacey McRae Photography