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Eco Flower + Encircle LGBT

At Eco Flower, we’re about more than making pretty things. We also believe in making a difference. Our new Giving Back program is committed to giving back to charities and to the people who can most benefit from their services. Charities chosen by us, and YOU. This bouquet is the newest addition to our Giving Back program in hopes of helping one of our local organizations - Encircle!

62% of our LGBT youth attempt suicide. Encircle LGBT Family & Youth Resource Center wants to end this and all the suffering and confusion that surrounds these youth and their families. Encircle, in Provo Utah, stands as a beacon of hope where SSA/LGBTQ+ individuals can find understanding, information, and support within their families and communities. Donations to Encircle help fund our Outreach Programs like art classes, peer mentor program, keynote speakers, yoga & meditation, family and community events, homeless outreach and so much more!

“Encircle and Ecoflower are two organizations that believe beauty can be found anywhere. WE foster acceptance and authenticity. When you love yourself, that's when you're most beautiful. Encircle: LGBTQ Family and Youth Resource Center is proud to partner with EcoFlower. Encircle uses money donated from EcoFlower to fund counseling, support groups and other programs for LGBTQ youth and their families. Learn more at

100% of the profits from the Encircle Bouquet will be donated to Encircle LGBT Family & Youth Resource Center.

“It’s because of organizations like Encircle that we are able to spread love, knowledge and courage in preventing yet another death or another person left on the streets with nowhere to call home. Its places like this that shape the LGBT community and take a scary situation and help turn it into something positive.” - CJ