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Falling in Love with Autumn Flowers

Bring the warmth and crispness of autumn into your home with our fall line of forever flowers

Why do we love fall so much? There are plenty of reasons: the cozy colors, our favorite sweaters coming out of retirement, and an excuse to drink a steaming PSL (that’s Pumpkin Spice Latte, for those who haven’t been fully indoctrinated) every day “just to warm up.” But we think one of the major reasons we love this season is because fall combines our favorite things about summer and winter. We get to experience both warmth and cold; we feel the lingering thrill of summer and the excitement of the upcoming holiday season; and of course, the season is torn between the liveliness of summer and the rest of winter, which to us feels like the perfect mix.

Our fall line strikes that perfect autumn balance. With delicious colors and unforgettable arrangements, our bouquets and decor items are a feast for the eyes.

Just looking at our Twilight Woods bouquet. We can practically smell autumn! With its gold sola wood and hazelnut-colored flowers reminiscent of falling leaves, the pops of plum stand out deliciously. Add to that sprigs of understated eucalyptus leaves, and we have ourselves the perfect representation of the way autumn makes us feel. Breathe it in.

One of our favorite things about autumn is how sharp it is. The air nipping playfully at our faces, the tanginess of orange pumpkins in storefronts, and of course the ever-satisfying crispness of fallen leaves beneath our feet. Our Autumn Pallet Wood Arrows take this sharp symbolism to heart, its angles pointing inwards, its dainty flowers reminding us that while winter is coming, warmth and life still remain.

Have you ever thought about how appropriate it is that Thanksgiving occurs during many people’s favorite season? With the summer air cooling and cute sweaters to snuggle up in, what’s not to be thankful for? Our Grateful. Thankful. Blessed. bouquet says it all. Without a doubt the coziest color combination we’ve ever seen, this bouquet’s chocolate, gold, yellow, and white hues are sure to bring warmth into any home. The subtle golden leaves cozied up among the flowers and the chic wooden vase add a homage to woodland beauty, and we couldn’t imagine anything lovelier.

Getting excited? We know we are. And we’re thrilled that our fall line has more beautiful bouquets and decor items coming! Hand-painted wall signs, a floral cornucopia, eye-catching bouquets, and vibrant centerpieces . . . we’re getting chills just thinking about it!

(And not just because the temperature is dropping.)