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Get cash for used stuff in Ogden, UT!

Eco Flower is an alternative flower company that specializes in bouquets made out of wood and recycled materials to create bouquets that last forever.  We love to make flowers out of the following items and we prefer to buy them used from the public vs. new from the store.    

Recycling days are every Friday at our warehouse located at 159 23rd street in Ogden, UT.  We are closed on major holidays.  Normal business hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

We will NOT be accepting donations on Friday, December 23rd. 

We can only take items that we are in need of.  To make sure we need your items, call our customer service dept 24 hours before bringing your used goods to verify that we still have a need for them.  We reserve the right to refuse items for any reason.  

Buttons - $2/pint size mason jar full of buttons or $4 for quart size mason jar full of buttons.  We are looking for all button colors and sizes.  We love getting a variety!

We buy used buttons in Ogden Utah

Tin Cans - We currently accept three sizes of tin cans.  Tuna can, bean can, and super size can.  Cans MUST be washed out and have paper on outside removed.  No dirty cans please.  

Tuna can - .25

Bean Can - .50

Super Size Can - $1.00


Mason Jar lids - We accept wide mouth and regular mouth lids.  Must be clean.  Rust is fine.  

Ring only - $.05

Center only - $.05

Ring and matching center - $.20

Eco Flower buys used mason jar lids in Ogden, UT


Pint Size Mason Jars (16oz) - We pay you cash for wide mouth and regular mouth jars.  Must be CLEAN.  No fog, food, or cracks.  

Wide mouth or regular mouth - $.50

Eco Flower buys pint size mason jars in Ogden, UT


Tole Paint for crafting - We love to paint our products by hand!  We love it even more when we are able to use paint that has been pre-loved.  We accept all colors and bottle sizes.  

New bottle (seal not broken) - $.50

Used bottle (at least half full) - $.20

Sorry, we can not pay more for big tubes, but we are still happy to purchase them from you.  


Used comic books & or comic book newspaper - Some of our paper flowers are made from upcycled comics...can we have yours?  Please call ahead to make sure we have a need.  

Used comic books - $.10

Comic book newspaper - $.20/page  (Standard Examiner or something similar).  We don't need the whole newspaper, please only bring the comic book section.


Brooch Jewelry - $.50/each

We need all sizes and colors.  We love old and new.  


Beer Caps - $.05 each

We are looking forward to making a new beer cap flower, but we need LOTS of beer caps to help us along the way.  Beer caps must be straight or mostly straight.  Dents and small creases are ok.  Folded in half is not ok.  Any brand is ok.  Alcohol/non alcohol.  Doesn't matter.  If you have more than 50 beer caps, please have them counted and bagged.  

Eco Flower buys beer bottle caps in Ogden, UT


Hard bound books with at least 1.5 inch thickness. 


$.50 each book

Eco Flower buys used books in Ogden, UT