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More than just a bouquet.

Let me share how Eco Flower was more than a simple bouquet on my special day......

My husband and I met 3 years ago on November 14 2013 almost 2 months following my Dad's diagnosis. My Dad was diagnosed on Sept 21, 2013 with stage 4 anal cancer.  I wasn't looking for a relationship by any means however, when I met Chris, I knew he was the one!  (as cliche as it sounds) We've been through every life event in these 3 years, that most couples go through in a life time.  
wedding photo faux flowers
We have moved 3 times, switched jobs, had family members live with us, lived with family members, we bought new cars, we bought a house, we had a baby and even more difficult we cared for my ailing father.  Chris has shown me what love is by not only loving me but loving my dying father like he was his own dropping everything and helping. He would drive 2 hours to sit with my dad for 3 hours of Chemo.

wedding photo father daughter aisle

On June 4,2016 it was truly the pinnacle moment in not only our relationship but in our lives! June 4th 2016 was the day I was able to not only marry my best friend but my Dad, who's mobility was slowly worsening, was able to walk me down the aisle. My wedding day was the most perfect day and it was my Dad's Best day in 3 years! When my Dad returned home that night he looked at my mom and said "I did it"!  He had done it, he had been able to share in the most important moment of both of our lives!  

bridesmaids bouquet peach pink faux flower bouquets

Sadly, my Dad passed away just over 3 months later September 12,2016, but he held on for my wedding. I am so thankful that I can not only hang on the memories and pictures of that day but with Eco flowers I can truly smell and touch that day over and over!  Most women look at their bouquet as simple flowers that wilt the next day. However my bouquet will be a constant reminder of the most perfect day where I became one with my best friend and I got to walk arm in arm with my Dad one last time!

wedding photo family faux flowers cancer

Photos by Joshua Skyes Photography

Written by the beautiful bride Katie.