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Rustic meets nerd with this Texas wedding.

We have known each other since Middle School. However, we did not start dating until I was 23 and Cody had just turned 24. We ran in to each other at one of our favorite country bars in Texas (where we are from) and the rest is history. :)

We moved to Florida together and had been there a couple years. On May 9th, 2015 we were at the first ever Beach Blast at Juana's on Navarre Beach. My husband was in a band and he was performing that day and later on during a fellow musician's set (who is a great friend and ended up being our wedding DJ) Cody got down on one knee and proposed to me on stage. It was a perfect moment!

 Our wedding was May 7th, 2016 at Bear Creek Ranch in Nevada, TX. The theme was very rustic but we wanted to bring in touches that were personal to us. For example, since my husband is a musician, we had decorations like sheet music wrapped candles. I am a lover of books so we had picked up antique books anytime we were near an antique store. Items like these were used for table decor. My sister actually made the majority of our decorations and day of both of my sisters spent all day putting everything together and decorating the entire wedding.

harry potter book page flowers

When it came to picking my wedding bouquet, I knew I wanted book page flowers. I figured I would have to make them or buy the individual flowers and put together my own bouquet. I searched Etsy and other custom sites but nothing looked quite as nice as I was hoping for. After searching I suddenly remembered one day that I had seen someone mention Eco Flower on Facebook. I went online and was blown away by the product. I immediately contacted a consultant and they were so helpful! I actually ended up mailing in pages from my favorite books (Harry Potter) that had quotes I loved. I sent in several pages but I made sure to mention there was one quote that could not be left out. As any good Harry Potter nerd will understand, it has to include "Always". I purchased my bouquet first and didn't decide to also do the bridesmaid bouquets until later. I wanted something very simple for the bridesmaids so I ended up doing 3 flower bouquets. The maid of honor was wearing a neutral color while the other bridesmaids wore turquoise. I decided to do neutral bouquets for the girls in turquoise and a turquoise bouquet for the MOH. Each flower was a different shade in all of the bouquets. We were so happy with the bouquets and we even had an extra turquoise one made to throw so I didn't have to throw mine. :)

 wedding bride bridesmaids flowers
I have several Eco Flower products in my home and on my desk at work and now my wedding bouquet is also on display and I am a forever customer of this company!

cowboy boots wedding flowers

Photography by Southern Marie and written by the beautiful bride.