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Flowers, flowers, who has my flowers?

"Pre Wedding Prep by Jasalynn: Flowers, flowers, who has my flowers? #Ecoflower does!! I am planning my wedding and have been in search for some unique, beautiful flowers that will last far past my wedding. I realized that Utah was home to the flowers I had been eyeing online for the longest time. It's called Eco Flower and THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! I drove up to their location and told them what I was doing and what colors I was thinking for my bouquet. Meagan immediately took me to the back and let me pick out my flowers and she assembled my wedding bouquet right there!! I GOT TO TAKE IT HOME!! I couldn't believe they would first take my order and second make me my bouquet right in front of me! Especially since it was mothers day season when I came by and they were very busy. She took time out of her schedule to help me make my wedding day exactly how I wanted it. If you are into the wood and eco-friendly options, and even if you are not, I WOULD HIGHLY SUGGEST THIS PLACE for any occasion; everyday flowers are just as nice as bridal bouquets!"
My husband and I met in North Carolina :) we have been together for about 2 years now! 
Our wedding theme was woodland, so your flowers were perfect! We had 100 loose flowers for the decorator to use both alone and mixed with real flowers. As you can see in one picture, we had jars hanging with some of the lose flowers in them. We also got some lose flowers to decorate headbands for the little flower girls and for their baskets and dresses. Which turned out awesome!
I ordered 4 white boutonnieres for the groomsmen, 4 peach for the ring bearers and the fathers and one green boutonniere for my groom, all of which I wrapped copper and gold wire around to make them more classy for my wedding. 
I also ordered 4 custom bouquets for my bridesmaids which I tied ribbon around for the look I wanted :) I got a miniature model of my bouquet for the throw bouquet and did the same ribbon on it :) I also ordered wrist corsages for the mothers which they loved!
All in all I think I got the most compliments on my dress but the runner up was my flowers :) I had been obsessing over these flowers for months before I finally took the plunge and bought them, and I could not have been happier with them! Everyone wants to remember their special day and now my flowers will last longer than my memory :)
Photography by: Better Together Photography