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Our Moral Mission

Twenty women deployed for the holidays. We woke up to check our hundreds of emails and that is what stuck out. The 32nd MP CO has been deployed for some time now and they still have 6 months to go. When we read the email that Tasha Hoadley was looking for donations it was a no brainer, we want to help! We decided to make it our moral mission to send out floral packages, reminding these deserving ladies that there are people who appreciate what they are doing for our country.


We set our to our production floor and pulled some of our finest florists to put together a surprise. Everyone was more than ecstatic to help out!

While our busy bee workers were selecting unique and special flowers, someone decided it would be even MORE special if we wrote each person a note with their gift.

From that email, to our production floor it was then sent to our pre ship team ready to be bundled up and sent across the world! 

Being located in Ogden Utah, we are right next to the military base. We have handfuls of employees whose loved ones are in the military and really resonate with what it means to have a loved one deployed during the holiday seasons. We hope that at the very least we can put a smile on someone's face. From Eco Flower to all the men and women serving our country, we thank you!