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Introducing Packsize + Eco Flower!

The packaging industry is getting a facelift with Packsize On Demand Packaging™.  The packaging industry traditionally uses pre-ordered cardboard boxes that are kept as onsite inventory with need to reorder when supplies are getting low.  Packsize technology gives us the ability to reduce our packaging “footprint” and reduce the work required to package a product. Here at Eco Flower we are utilizing Packsize-On Demand Packaging to help us to rise to the top of our industry.  

packsize machine at Eco FlowerBefore Packsize we would order a set number of boxes, which would take up precious space at our warehouse. Packsize is a sustainable concept that applies to custom box-making, which allows us to reduce the amount of inventory we have in stock and allows us to create the right size box for each product.  This technology also allows us to become more efficient in our production process by cutting down on the labor it takes our shipping department to assemble each box and package each product to prepare it for shipping.  

Another advantage of Packsize is we are able to package the product more efficiently, which then reduces the possibility of damage during shipping. A machine called the Cubiscan uses light to scan the product, which then sends the dimensions to Packsize’s computer, then Packsize uses those dimensions to create any sized box at any time. This technology allows us to produce a quicker turnaround time by eliminating the guesswork previously used in finding the right sized box.  All of our products, from a bouquet to a centerpiece will now get their very own custom made box to ensure the safest packaging we can provide.

Increasing customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities! Packsize will allow us to minimize damage to products that often occurs when they jostle around inside the box. Eliminating that empty space has been proven to greatly reduce damage, which results in less products that need to be reshipped, saving our production team time that they could be making new products for customers, which allows us to send out new products to customers quicker and results in happier customers.

Since we are an Eco Friendly company we are also committed to do our part to help the environment.  Another exciting part of Packsize technology is our HSM paper shredder that enables us to now shred the excess material or dunnage from the boxes for use in our packaging and possible new design products.  The shredded materials are used to fill in the empty spaces between the product and the box and we have been imagining it’s aesthetic use in future designs. We are also cutting down on emissions because we are able to ship multiple items in customizable boxes, which cuts down on needed space in delivery trucks.  Less boxes means also means less gas used in vehicles.  

Packsize also allows us to use less corrugated and filler material, which results in less trees cut, less landfills filled, and cleaner air for us all.


“I live for everything that Eco Flower is, and that we stand for. That's why when I heard Packsize and Eco Flower were teaming up, I HAD to check out our new machine and get a hands on experience. Initially I was simply intrigued with the concept of custom making each box to fit the product, and using the excess cardboard as packing material offering extra safety. No cardboard waste and custom boxes? DOPE! But as I walked over to the HSM paper shredder and started cutting up the excess cardboard, I knew this had so much more potential than just box filler.

As the head designer, I'm always on the hunt for new and innovative way to incorporate eco-friendly materials into our products. It’s equally as important that the aesthetic of our designs meet a high standard. If I wouldn't personally display the home decor product in my own home, it doesn't pass the test. So, when I started playing with the chainlink cardboard from the shredder, I knew that the texture and mobility offered something new and exciting to the design world, with endless possibilities. This is just one quick example of how I incorporated this material with our eco flowers, but stay tuned for all the exciting new designs coming your way!”  

-CJ, Creative Director

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