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Spring is in the air at Eco Flower!

This time of year, we only have one thing on our minds: spring! While it’s not quite time for sunshine and sandals just yet—sigh—we couldn’t resist giving a little sneak peek at the months ahead. What’s on the horizon? Get ready to trade those wintery whites for bright modern colors, minimalist shapes and plenty of pattern.

"It’s always exciting when there aren’t limitations to my design process. Holidays are a blast but seasonal offers a wide spectrum of possibilities. With this collection I was really able to dig deep and create based off of what I would want in my own home. I was over the moon for this project and jumped right into it months ago! Working directly with our wood supplier and jr designer we had the entire collection thought up, sketched, prototyped and photographed long before the launch date.

If I were to describe my style it would be modern bohemian. In this collection I really took inspiration from my current obsession, Turkish rugs. It’s out there I know! It’s not every day that someone feels inspired by a rug, but if you knew the history it would make more sense.

Traditionally these rugs are hand made with precise colors, shapes and patterns. They are usually bright in color and each one is unique. The beautiful thing is each pattern and color has a specific meaning. From the border of the rug, to shapes woven in, each section of the rug comes together so when you look at it as a whole it literally tells a story.

I would like to think this collection is a reflection of what I see in these story telling rugs. Each one of our flowers is hand made, each color vibrant and ties into the collection as a whole, however the individual products slightly vary in shape and color, telling their own story. I designed my pieces to have a more organic, natural appearance. This allows our artisans the creative freedom to re-create the spring collection products within a parameter, making each and every product slightly unique to the buyer."