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The ABCs of a Boho Chic Photo Shoot

Escape to the Moroccan-esque Great Salt Lake for this month’s behind-the-scenes look at Eco Flower’s new product line

When pulling together all the elements for a fab Eco Flower product rollout, our team of designers often rely on a formula of sorts. Call it the ABCs of a photo shoot. We always strive for the perfect Attitude, Backdrop and Charisma that we can infuse in all the images. Sometimes that means we take the team to some remote, off-the-beaten-path locales in a quest for the most picturesque, on-theme settings. Our more recent shoot was no exception. In fact, it might have been our most Amazing, Bold and Captivating yet.

With a new Boho Chic product line, naturally we wanted to incorporate everything we love about the recently revived bohemian theme. To fully capture the magic of this recent adventure, let’s break down our ABCs of a Boho Chic photo shoot. This time, our ABCs were Alpacas, Bison and Cactus.

alpaca lama photoshoot flowers model


Bold Peruvian colors and patterns—think bright peasant dresses, colorful cross-body bags, pillows and tapestries—have long been statement staples for the bohemian style. So to kick off our two-day photo shoot, we decided to head straight to the source of all that Peruvian woolen beauty—an alpaca ranch.

Sure, we’ve incorporated fluffy bunnies into our photo shoots before (see our Pretty in Pastel photo shoot), but these alpacas were an incredible enhancement to our eclectic new product line.

Our Barefoot Gardens bouquet with its bright, sassy colors is a perfect representation of the vibrant colors the wool from these gentle creatures will eventually become. Our model Aubrie looks so comfortable here with this adorable brown and white alpaca as they meander through the lush fields of this mountain ranch. Just be careful, Aubrie. They do spit!


bison skull photoshoot flowersBison

Gather gauzy peasant dresses, wide-brimmed hats, bold tapestries, a sheepskin rug, and gobs of gorgeous costume jewelry. Add puffy pillows and a perfectly geometric, handmade wooden altar backdrop and you’ve got all the perfect elements for a boho photo shoot, right?  Then amplify the effect with  an incredible, authentic bison skull that’s intricately carved and adorned with turquoise sola wood flowers, and head to the incredible backdrop of Utah’s stunning Salt Flats and Great Salt Lake. And now  you have all the makings for an incredible day of photos featuring our models like Kaila.

With a team of nine people—photographers, designers, models—we made the drive out to iconic Saltair, an historic building once known as the “Coney Island of the West” with its Taj Mahal-style architecture. Setting up an elaborate set, however, was no easy task. The team trudged through the sand with wood, rugs, pallets, power tools and that bison head. All their careful work ensured a scene beautifully framed by a stunning sunset and the shadow of Antelope Island (known for its bison herd, by the way. See how we tied that together?).

This almost otherworldly setting easily created a sense of wanderlust in everyone present. We envisioned scenes of elaborate Persian-inspired domes in India or the beautifully ornate archways found in Moroccan designs—a perfect way to capture the beauty of the Wanderlust bouquet.

succulent elephant cactus Cactus

Succulents of all varieties are a popular element of boho decor. So naturally we had to include these dangerously beautiful desert dwellers in our Boho Chic lineup. And while many people struggle to keep real succulents alive (they need so much sunlight!) Eco Flower’s forever version will never die. In fact, they might even outlast your love for this bohemian style.

In adorable little vases—some ceramic, some in recycled tin cans—these little touches will perfectly accent any boho decor. Try the perfectly purple Desert Dreams for a bloom that will bring color to your decor for decades to come. The Prickle Me Pink, with its adorable saguaro cactus vase is sure to be a conversation piece when placed on a floating bookshelf or a bedside table. Or, if you are obsessed with elephants, the Safari As I Can See is sure to add flair to any collection.

photoshoot styled boho


In addition to “Cactus,” this group of Boho Chic ABCs gets a bonus “C.” This extra letter in our decorating alphabet gets attributed to CJ. As Eco Flower’s talented designer, CJ was not only the mastermind behind this collection, but she singlehandedly staged this desert oasis fit for a sultan. Gathering tapestries, crates, pillows and that magnificent bison skull, she also created and built the wooden, geometric altar backdrop.  

Whether you are looking for a little bit of bohemian whimsy with a fun succulent for your bedside table, or hoping to add even more Boho Chic style to your already hippie design with a beautiful bouquet, Eco Flower’s newest product line has something for you.

These products will debut on the site throughout the next month. Check our New Product Collection to purchase them.