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Wedding Collection Q&A

The wedding industry can be a dog-eat-dog world. (Or petal-eat-petal world, as the case may be).  But our 3 designers know it doesn’t have to be that way! They met together to learn from and laugh with each other and created a wedding collection perfect for any bride!

Something magical happens while working together with other flower friends that share the same passion for what you do.

While creating this collection they thought of every bride, every venue, every story! We know every love story is different and we want our forever flowers to showcase this.

We want to be sure to answer any questions about the new wedding line. If we missed any, please e-mail or call our customer service team and they will take care of you!


Q: What will happen with previous orders?

A: No changes will be made to previous wedding orders. We will also honor any custom orders for sample boxes placed before March 7, 2017.

Q: Why are you no longer offering custom wedding orders?

A: Our wedding line is evolving to include pre-made bouquets along with the option to order custom bouquets in the future.  The pre-made bouquets are phase 1 of this new line and phase 2 with the option to customize bouquets will be released in the future.

Q: Will you bring back custom orders?

A: YES! We are so excited about our new pre-made wedding line, and we will be bringing back custom orders in the near future. Stay tuned!

Q: What are the benefits of pre-made bouquets?

A: With pre-made bouquets we are able to ensure better quality.  We are also able to make sure the bouquet is what the bride wants, as it will be what they have selected!  Another benefit is production time and shipping time will be significantly decreased.  This allows us to get your order to you in plenty of time for your big day.