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About Us

Eco Flower is exactly what it sounds like. We are a company that provides an eco-friendly floral arrangement alternative to real flowers. Ranging from bouquets to home decor, Eco Flower offers a wide variety of products using recycled and sustainable materials. But before we get too far into that, let's start from the beginning...

Utah has one of the greatest economies for entrepreneurs, which is why Eco Flower has experienced such rapid growth over three short years. The current owners of Eco Flower saw this small business and said, “Eco Flower has that “it” factor.” They wanted to be a part of that amazing concept. With the help and dedication from the Ogden community and Eco Flower’s employees, our company has grown from just a handful of employees to well over one hundred and counting! Eco Flower has been able to create numerous job opportunities while using recycled and sustainable materials which is a win, win all around.

Many people outside our Eco Flower family find themselves wondering what exactly do they mean by sustainable materials? The majority of our flowers are hand carved from sola wood, a tapioca plant derivative. Where most people would use the tapioca plant to make food, we can take discarded parts to make sola wood flowers. Because our wood flowers come from a plant they are one hundred percent biodegradable which makes our planet really happy.  Our flowers are biodegradable, but if you don’t plan on burying them, with the proper care you can enjoy your forever wood flowers for years to come.

Other examples of materials we use are birch wood, recycled fabric, pine cones, burlap, vintage novels, used music sheets, bottle caps, reclaimed pallet wood and various donated soup cans.  Eco Flower is constantly on the hunt for materials consumers use daily which we can turn around and create something original and environmentally friendly from. To jump on the eco-friendly band wagon and get involved be sure to follow us on Facebook to get updates on recycled materials we are accepting donations on, along with how much we are willing to pay and when you can drop off.

As always Eco Flower appreciates your business and hopes you get involved with this forever flower movement!