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 The path to becoming an entrepreneur has been a rocky road full of mistakes, small wins, kids, marriages, and financial hardship.  As a child, I was always trying to find ways to make money for things I wanted to buy.  I wouldn't say that I grew up in poverty, but I didn't grow up with nice things.  If I wanted something new or trending (even at the age of 8), I had to find a way to buy it myself.  My favorite ways to make money were small yard sales, baked good sales, a neighborhood haunted house in my Mom's garage, and selling flowers at local dance recitals.  

As a teenager, I excelled at dance.  I was on my school's cheer and dance teams.  Half way through high school, I became pregnant and decided to place my baby for adoption.  I was only fifteen years old and I felt very unprepared to parent a child.  That pregnancy ended my dancing.  After high school, I got married, had another child, and bought a little fixer upper home.  I started a dance studio dedicated to adults that taught hip hop, pole dancing, and aerial dance.  The two of us were happily married for seven years until it ended very suddenly.  That divorce sparked a string of failures including a second divorce, a failed business venture, and a bankruptcy.  

After the dust settled, I had two daughters, I was single, and living on welfare.  My car was breaking down every other day and I rented out my kids rooms (they slept with me) to pay my rent each month.  My kids clothes came from yard sales and sometimes I would ask my Mom to pick up my kids from school because I didn't have any gas in my car.  At Christmas time, there was no money for a real Christmas tree, so I painted one on the wall (agains my landlords wishes).

One day, I was watching the TV show Shark Tank and I wanted so badly to be like the entrepreneurs on that show, on the verge of success and full of hope.  I've always had the idea to make gift bouquets out of wood flowers, but I never had the ambition or the guts to go for it.  Shark Tank inspired me to get off the couch, quit my desk job, and chase the American Dream.

Moving day for the new warehouse.My husband and I surviving our first Valentine's Day rush.   

Two years after I decided to become an entrepreneur, I have a 30,000sq/ft facility, almost 100 employees, a new marriage, a small but beautiful home, and confidence that I have never before experienced.  The possibilities are endless and I have Eco Flower and it's loyal customers to thank for my success.   Thank you for being a supporter!!!  Happy shopping :)

*UPDATE!  After trying out for Shark Tank four times, I finally made it!  My episode will air November 4th, 2016.




Eco Flower uses recycled and sustainable materials for flower bouquets and miscellaneous home decor. We create flowers from sola wood, birch wood, denim, pine cones, burlap, old novels, used music sheets,  jewelry and many other materials that are great for our planet. Each item is handmade and made unique for you.


We are always rotating out scents and experimenting with new ones. However, we're currently offering: Japanese Cherry Blossom, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Fresh Cut Roses, Lilac Blossoms, and Strawberry Lemonade.


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