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Meagan Chapman Bowman Owner of Eco Flower

    Growing up, Meagan Chapman did everything your typical entrepreneur would. From dog walking to selling clothes door to door, she did it all. While in high school, Meagan received a hand carved wooden flower from someone returning from vacation. She was fascinated with the idea of combining her eco-friendly passion with the floral industry that was overdue for a change.                                                                                                                                  

    After receiving the wooden flower from her friend, she spent the next few weeks hand designing, and hand carving wooden flowers with the help from her dad who has always enjoyed woodworking as a side hobby. Once she accumulated a fair batch of flowers, she set up a booth at her high school’s dance competitions. She was blown away by how quickly they sold out, and all of the positive feedback she received.                                                                                                                                        

    Shortly after, Meagan graduated high school, and quickly jumped into a totally different business venture. Nearly a decade later, after selling the other business, she spent some time considering what her next step would be. In a conversation with her dad, her dad asked, “Why don’t you start selling those wooden flowers?”. From there, the doors were opened, and Eco Flower was created.

     Meagan and her business partner, Alex Ledoux, have spent the last two years living and breathing Eco Flower. They are here to change the floral industry. 

    More about the product:
    Eco Flower is an online florist that sells flower bouquets all over the world. Our unique bouquets are made out of recycled and sustainable materials, such as book pages, brooches, burlap, music sheets, pallet wood, pine cones, and sola wood. Our bouquets last forever and are individually scented with fragrances such as black raspberry vanilla, Egyptian lavender or Japanese cherry blossom.

    We truly value customer feedback:
    Our customers, and the feedback we’ve received has paved the direction that we’ve taken the business. Our product line will never stop changing, diversifying, and and most importantly - improving.

    A proud moment:
    After a year into the venture, Meagan’s Dad officially visited Eco Flower’s headquarters for the first time. After getting a guided tour through the 8,000 square foot warehouse, and watching over 30 florists design the product that Meagan created, he began to tear up and couldn’t stop saying how proud he was.