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We believe that art and beauty are necessary elements to a fulfilling life. 

How people create and accent spaces breath creativity and purpose into everyday living. Incredible plant arrangements from fresh, real plants are breathtaking and are naturally beautiful. As beautiful as they are they only last several days.

We wanted to find a solution to capture the same breathtaking beauty, except to make it last much longer. Utilizing wood, and preserved natural products we have been able to take not only the concepts from real flowers, but entirely new designs that are not possible with real flowers.

Handmade every time.

Each piece we design is inspired by things and moments that bring us joy. Colors that fill our mood, textures and shapes that simulate our emotions. We mix all of the elements together to result in a finished product that you will cherish.

Each product is handmade in our warehouse by our florists. In the end each piece ends up having its own character and being uniquely its own in some way. Because we use natural preserved wood, and plant products they will have color striations, and different character attributes that reflect back on where the product came from - nature.

We love pushing the boundaries of design and are always finding new ways to combine elements for new looks and feels. We love the journey we are on to bring this beauty to you, we hope you will join us.