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Color Options:

Sample Box:

Order a sample box to see the colors, scent, and quality that you want on your big day.  Select 5 color and 2 scents and we will send a mix of 10 flowers in those colors, a boutonnière, and 2 scent vials. Order yours here!


Stem Options:


Bamboo Stems

Bamboo provides an eco friendly stem alternative.  However, bouquets will not have the same layering and shape that you can get with a wire stem upgrade. Wood stems are best viewed from the top, and not as visually appealing from the side.

Green Wire (recommended)

Choose this option for a more natural look.  Wire also allows your floral designer to use layering to create a more sophisticated look.


Stem Accents:

Add texture to your stems that will add a more natural look to your bouquet.  Choose between dried grass or wood stems.  Stem accents make your bouquet more visually appealing from a side view. 


 Handle Wrap Options:

 Burlap wrap

Free.  The economical solution. 

Twine & Off White Lace

Mix these two textures for a beautiful finished look.

Thin Twine handle

A 3/4 wrap that will cover the bottom half of your stems creating a solid handle for the bride to hold.

 Full twine bridal wrap (a customer favorite)

Jute twine wrapped to make up a more traditional bridal handle.  Of all the wraps available, this one covers the stems the best.  Can be left alone, or you can use the handle as the foundation to your bridal handle.  Can be covered with fabric, glitter, lace, paper, or anything else you would like to add at home to create your own unique look.  




Baby's breath, and book page leaves are added throughout the bouquet and stem. 



Our wedding floral designs are made to order.  Therefore, each piece is a unique creation.  Your bouquet may not look exactly like the pictured examples.  You give your floral designer the permission to use her best judgment when choosing the flowers and design for your bouquet.  Your flowers are packed and shipped with great care.  Although wood is stronger than real flowers, they are still delicate and can easily chip when handled by yourself or the postal service.  We will include 6 loose flowers in your colors that you can use to repair any damaged wood flowers that may be due to the handling of your package during shipping.  If you need guidance with replacing damaged flowers, please call customer care and our wedding designers will be happy to walk you through how to replace a broken flower.  Wedding orders can not be returned or refunded for any reason other than lost in shipping.  Eco Flower highly recommends purchasing the photo proof for an additional $14.99.  This ensures that you are completely happy with your flowers and the colors.  We require a minimum of five weeks to fulfill and ship your order. See shipping policy for additional info. 

Notes to your florist

If you have specific instructions regarding your order, please leave a note for your florist at checkout.  We want your order to be perfect.  If you want to add brooches/book page flowers to your order, you like a specific type of flower, or you want one of your colors to be added more so than other colors, this would all need to be mentioned in the notes.  Your florist will use your notes to slightly tweak your order.  We can not produce orders that require too many detailed instructions, so please keep your notes clear and simple.  We are happy to take your requests, but at this time, we can not provide you a bouquet that allows you to choose each individual flower or the placement of your flowers.  If your order is a custom creation, please call customer service to create the order. 

Custom wedding creations

If you have a vision in mind that is not shown on our website, please contact our customer service department.

Production Time/Shipping

Wedding orders are prioritized by wedding date/delivery date. If you select a date within 5 weeks you may be charged a $75 rush fee. We aim to have your order delivered 7- 14 days before your wedding although our goal is much sooner.  If your flowers arrive AFTER your wedding date, you will be issued a full refund.  Any instructions you have on the timing of your flower order can be left in the notes section at checkout. Flowers can be easily stored and kept for several months before a wedding.  It's never too early to place your order. If your delivery date is much sooner than your wedding date we may put a scent vial instead of scenting the bouquets itself. If you have an urgent order (needed sooner than three weeks), please call our customer service department and we will make every attempt to place a rush order at a cost of $75.00.  Extra shipping may also apply. 

Proof Photo Policy

For an additional $14.99, we will send you a proof photo of the bouquets within your order via email. We will photograph one of each custom bouquet in your order.  For example, if you order 1 bridal bouquet and 10 brides maids bouquets, we will photograph one of the custom bouquets so that you can review the overall appearance of your chosen color scheme. If you select multiple custom bouquets with different color schemes, we will send you a photo in each color selection.  We will allow you one minor change free of charge.  Examples:  removing a flower.  If you require several changes, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee as your florist may need to start from scratch. If you request another photo proof to be sent after requested changes are made, you will need to purchase a second photo proof.

Wedding bouquet

A stunning 40 flower bouquet created with sola wood flowers and heavily layered.  A wood flower wedding bouquet has the quality and appearance perfect for any wedding.  Choose your own colors, add filler, cover stems, and select your bridal handle type.  

Toss Bouquet/Bridesmaids bouquets

A mini creation of your bridal bouquet.  Every detail will be the same at 1/3 the size. Select it matching, or in one color.


Unless specified, no coupons are valid for the wedding line.