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Together We Rise
Together We Rise
Together We Rise

Together We Rise


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100% of the profits from this product will be donated to Together We Rise

Together We Rise is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the way youth navigate through the foster care system in America. The foster care system can be a confusing and sometimes disheartening place, but through our fundraising and network of passionate volunteers, we strive to give foster children a brighter future, a sense of normalcy and belonging. Events like the National Build-a-Bike Tour, Sports Camps, and Sweet Cases allow foster youth to get out, play, and learn new skills just like any other kid. Our Aging Out program also provides resources to older youth who are leaving the foster care system. We strive to be the helping hand that foster youth need so that they may go confidently onto their futures.

"When I was 4 I moved into a group home. My 2 brothers and I all left our house with one plastic bag each. Then when we got to the home they gave us us all a blue duffle bag to put our stuff in. I liked it, I lived there for a year and my brothers and I shared a room. I remember it was decorated in frogs. I liked living there, they had good food, a lot of toys, nice workers, and a lot of kids my age to play with!
Then when I was 5 I moved in with my aunt as my foster mom for 7 years. She was nice in the beginning, mostly because there was a lady that would always come and check on us and ask us if we were happy. After about a year she stopped coming, and my aunt started hurting us all the time. She would always make us pull our pants down and hit us with a belt. One time she even took one of her own daughters shirt off and hit her with the belt across her back until she was bleeding. Even my brothers were mistreated - she hit one of my brothers heads so hard on a window he blacked out. To this day we all have dents in our heads from her pushing us into the corners of the walls. 
When we moved out of my aunts house, only me and 1 of my brothers were able to leave and we moved in with our dad. It was hard because I didn't want to leave my older brother but I was lucky to be able to stay with my other brother. I would've died without him, all of the memories from my aunts house caused suicidal thoughts and attempts. 
Even though we had really bad times there I found the bright side in the good times. Like we used to go camping as a family and we would go bowling once a month. It was always fun when my aunt was actually happy and nice. 
Now I am living with my dad and step mom and things are better now." 

This bouquet features approx 24 flowers with a combination of Sola wood flowers and accents of dried filler. Wrapped with white rope. Colors are natural white, navy blue, nude, baby blue and slate blue. 

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